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Every nine minutes we lose a loved one due to delayed communications in healthcare settings.*

A new book, co-authored by Allison J. Taylor, Founder & CEO of Thought Marketing, outlines cyber security and risk management fundamentals for anyone seeking to improve healthcare mobile communication challenges. Together with 26 multi-disciplinary experts, the book holistically addresses the issues critical to today's leaders, innovators, researchers and educators.

Let’s move safe mobile communications in healthcare forward!

As broader populations move to digital and mobile usage increases, leaders need to balance technology risks and benefits.

This book from leading academic publisher Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group provides a rich resource for leaders articulating hard-won lessons and primary research for better understanding, management, and execution of key mobile computing initiatives in medicine.

Cyber security and risk management are essential, and six chapters are dedicated to security, privacy and compliance, including Chapter 10 “Recognizing Cyber Security Threats in Healthcare Settings for Effective Risk Management.” 

“The number of breached healthcare records

increased 273%

from 2019 to 2020″

— Source: Jercich, Kat, Healthcare IT News

About Mobile Medicine: Overcoming People, Culture, and Governance

No topic in healthcare technology is more urgent and yet more elusive to date than mobile computing in medicine. It adheres to no boundaries, stagnates in silos, and demands not just the attention of dedicated professionals, but also teams of teams.

Inspiring change in mobile medicine and healthcare requires enormous amounts of expertise and experience across digital, medicine, engineering, IT, compliance, privacy, cyber security, culture, and leadership, far beyond the scope of user experience. Experts with over 200 years of collective and deep experience in these disciplines (and more) tackle the issues in this definitive guide for mobile medicine.

A rich resource, this book shares hard-won lessons and primary research for better understanding, management, and execution of key mobile computing initiatives in medicine.

Chapter 10 by Allison J. Taylor succinctly conveys the fundamentals of healthcare cyber security threats, especially useful for those new to the field — lawyers, engineers, hospital administrators, physicians, chief medical officers and others in healthcare and healthcare IT investment sectors. In Chapter 11, she collaborates with colleagues Eric Svetcov, CTO & CSO at Medigram, Inc., and Matthew Perez, Senior Manager, Information Protection at eviCore healthcare, to detail mobile medicine risk management from an implementation perspective.

Additional security perspectives are brought in from a leading CISO, a wearable robotics engineer with patents in medical product designs, and a designer of hybrid legal-engineering-business university programs.

A book relevant to your cross-disciplinary teams -- and teams of teams -- required to advance mobile medicine

Executive Leadership

Inform and ignite your mobile medicine aspirations with insights into change management, culture, cybersecurity and more. Learn more about breaking into healthcare and medical markets from insiders guiding your way.


Understand why past products have failed and what mobile medicine truly requires to adopt technical innovations.




Quickly screen teams and companies, regardless of stage and size, for competencies, skill sets, and mindsets required for mobile medicine.


Cyber Security Experts

Survey the latest categories of threats and issues impacting healthcare organizations to better design your strategies, policies, solutions and implementations.

Hear from privacy lawyers, ER physicians and other cross-discipline leaders to ensure your mobile risk plans are an integral part of delivering safe patient care.

Graduate Educators

Prepare our future leaders and innovators with seminal cross-disciplinary work and cited expertise.

Bulk academic institution and association orders available.


Professional Associations

Upskill your teams, partners, investors and stakeholders.


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Meet the Author for Chapter 10: "Recognizing Cyber Security Threats in Healthcare Settings for Effective Risk Management."

Translating Complexity into Understanding

Meet Co-Author Allison J. Taylor

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*Source: #psaw19 – Delayed diagnosis is impacted by accuracy and timeliness of care team communications.