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For professionals who appreciate life-long learning infused with sarcasm and wit. Silicon Valley consultant Allison J. Taylor curates intelligent conversations that illuminate fresh points of view across business, technology, communications and management. Time-pressed execs can get informed and inspired in under 60 minutes.

Intent Data: The Perfect Answer is Imperfection

May 20, 2022 LIFT Episode 5: In our fifth episode, we chat with our SaaS automation client Celigo about real-world intent data usage, to learn what kinds of data types you need to persuade prospects, how and when you can bring in sales for account-based marketing (ABM), and all the varied people, process and technology concerns that distinguish [...] Read More

Leading a STEM Organization

May 25, 2021 LIFT Episode 4 (Part II): In Part II of our fourth episode, we continue a fascinating executive conversation with Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RealWear, a company engineering industrial wearable headsets for connected workers. He shares real-life lessons from his experience managing complex systems and data-led teams. In this second half of [...] Read More

Leading Amidst Complexity

April 6, 2021 LIFT Episode 4 (Part I): In our fourth episode, we are fortunate to learn from a highly experienced leader in the tech sector, Andrew Chrostowski, Chairman and CEO of RealWear. A former research physicist and Air Force veteran, he shares perspectives on building resilience, scaling, and what failure really means in a culture of innovation [...] Read More


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