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For professionals who appreciate life-long learning infused with sarcasm and wit. Silicon Valley consultant Allison J. Taylor curates intelligent conversations that illuminate fresh points of view across business, technology, communications and management. Time-pressed execs can get informed and inspired in under 60 minutes.

Succeeding in a World of Risk

August 25, 2020 LIFT Episode 1: Welcome to the third episode of our LIFT podcast! Allison discusses problem-solving our way through this pressing global situation, as systems fail us and we need to optimistically reinvent at scale. She is joined by Bob Zukis, co-author of The Great Reboot and a former PwC Advisory Partner, who shares pragmatic models for this [...] Read More

Digging Deep on Motives

February 10, 2020 LIFT Episode 2: Welcome to the second episode of LIFT podcast! On today’s episode, Allison is joined by global researcher Cheri Anderson, Global Director of Research for Strategic Business Insights' Values and Lifestyles Program service (VALS), an employee-owned Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International spin-off. Allison and Cheri unravel motives and their impact on everything from building [...] Read More

Unpacking a Loaded Term: Communications

April 26, 2019 LIFT Episode 1: Welcome to the inaugural LIFT podcast! Today we chat with Matt Abrahams, a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the founder of BoldEcho. Matt and Allison are both passionate about strategic communications, and today discuss exactly that – what do we mean when we say someone is a "great communicator” and how can leaders use some simple guidelines to increase [...] Read More


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