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Differentiating a Network Security Powerhouse through Provocative Thought Leadership

A Global Fortune 500 technology company earned a coveted keynote opportunity at one of the highest-visibility security conferences in the world (RSA Conference). The GM hand-picked his A-team to design, create and “do whatever it takes” to deliver something provocative. Thought Marketing’s Allison J. Taylor held the team’s producer position, ensuring the painstaking work of storyline research, creative, staging, rehearsal, and all other details happened at the right time, at the highest possible quality level.

Not only did the keynote immediately set Twitter afire with audience-shared posts, but the gut-wrenching storyline prompted journalists worldwide to consider the serious nature of digital systems and the criticality of security. The “digital war” topic has since become mainstream, and the team involved still reflects on that keynote day as a major career highlight.


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The Keynote Presentation, “The Next World War Will Be Fought in Silicon Valley,” delivered more than a presentation; it prompted an important global dialogue that reflected positively on the company. The RSA team organizers requested to use the keynote as an eminent example to set the bar for future presenters. The stimulating perspectives drove audience feedback directly to the presenter, and also dominated news coverage. As importantly, the experience for all involved was considered a major success, and a career highlight – the long hours, relentless creative revisions, and painstaking attention to detail had all paid off for the entire team.

The provocative keynote presentation generated real-time Twitter feeds and positive press coverage – using verbatim keynote content from the presentation.

Sample Resulting Coverage:

Fortune Magazine:  “Juniper SVP to Silicon Valley: Get ready for WWIII”

Gartner:  “All your password are belong to us, or my heart bleeds”