Driving Pipeline:

Coaching Growth Marketing through Explosive Expansion

A Series C SaaS provider needed to quickly multiply and diversify its customer and supplier segments from few to many. Working closely with the VP of Growth, Thought Marketing’s Allison Taylor created and executed a set of new programs to build pipeline. The effort involved leveraging a new intent-based marketing data platform and Salesforce, and Allison also had to simultaneously onboard new team members, develop new repeatable program processes, integrate additional new MarTech tools, and daily analyze incoming data. The role required pivoting marketing tactics quickly as needed, working with junior teams eager for  mentorship, to rapidly scale strategic marketing engagements.

Allison’s business and marketing counsel rapidly drove awareness, pipeline, and revenue for the high-velocity Silicon Valley SaaS provider, while providing real-world, actionable coaching and mentoring for the newly-formed team members. The team expanded the growth marketing strategy from zero to 50+ programs with consistent engagements for multiple market segments. The coordinated set of marketing strategies, processes, structures, and refresh of operations radically increased the sales pipeline by ~70% year-over-year.

“Impeccable work – simply world class.”

Visual Designer & Web Developer

“I always really appreciated the positive attitude even when things were crazy.”

VP, Marketing


Series C Tech Start-Up

SaaS Business Process Automation and Integration, E-Commerce, and Finance


Tech Marketing & Business Counsel

Strategy & Design



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“Allison served in the capacity of Co-Vice President of Growth, where she meticulously devised and executed growth strategies while offering invaluable counsel to the executive marketing team. Through Allison’s strategic acumen and pragmatic approach to growth campaigns, Celigo achieved an impressive year-over-year pipeline growth of 70%.”

 Client’s Growth Leader

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