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Five Opportunities for Leaders:
Managing Through Tough Conditions

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Find out what is changing customer mindsets, re-setting marketing plans, and shifting how companies communicate — potentially forever.

We identify five global trends impacting today’s leaders, what we can do about them, and how our actions can cultivate both business success as well as important talent development skills.

Thought Marketing Founder & CEO Allison J. Taylor shares perspectives and curated business and marketing examples based on her Silicon Valley firm’s work with Fortune 100 brands and start-up ventures.

Client Wins

Winner: Best B2B Branded Content

Winner of top tier award category out of 1,100 submissions.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Allison J. Taylor, CEO, Accepts CMA Top Award
on Behalf of Client

CMA Finalist
Finalist: Best Use of Original Research in Content Marketing

Selected as Finalist for content development and campaign.

Marketing Campaign of the Year
Gold Stevie® Award Winner

Global strategy directs multiple campaign elements for a Fortune 100 company to inform industrial companies about new threats infiltrating through USB devices – securing solid business results.

“An extremely important initiative in the present digital age.”

Communications Campaign of the Year
Gold Stevie® Award Winner

Multi-pronged strategy delivers crucial information widely for a Fortune 100 company, with fine-tuned precision to varied stakeholders – garnering over 100 media mentions, including the Wall Street Journal.

“An extraordinarily thorough communications effort!”

Best Research Report
Silver Stevie® Award

High-impact digital/print report advances industry dialogue for a Fortune 100 company about USB cybersecurity threats and just-in-time threat prevention accessible to all knowledge levels.

“Clever design breathes life into a surprisingly persistent security issue. The data is presented in a way that pulls interest and conveys the immediacy of the threat!”

Client Wins

Marketing Campaign of the Year
Bronze® Stevie Award

Cyber security digital campaign raises awareness for Menlo Security Web threat prevention research.

Marketing Department of the Year
Bronze Stevie® Award

Menlo Security marketing team wins award: combination of Thought Marketing, outsourced, and full-time resources work together to achieve excellence.

Client Wins

Thought Leadership Blogs Recognition:
Double Bronze Stevie® Award Winner

Global thought leadership content helps build EMC's content management profile amidst Dell acquisition.

Client Wins

Communications Campaign of the Year:
Gold Stevie® Award Winner

Multicultural marketing campaign in Central and Latin America attracted new investment in California-based client – Mobile Operator Software.

A Client's Adventure

Allison Taylor, CEO, Accepts Gold Stevie® Award
on Behalf of Client

Defining Client Success

Allison Taylor, CEO, Attends Award
Dinner Gala Event in Chicago