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Your peeps are all online and that’s where you want to be. You are sensitive, smart, diligent and can hold an intelligent conversation to keep our intelligent fan base growing. It’s easy for you to whip up visuals and catchy headlines, to extend our talented team’s voices and award-winning work. You know all the buttons to push (and not to push) to present only content of excellence and a respectful dialogue with our treasured communities. For advertising, you know enough to keep implement and keep things going, working together with our talented team of strategic marketeers.

We are expanding our tech client work, and evaluating new social media managers in search of the perfect fit. This is sub-contracted project work, but we are seeking a long-term relationship with world-class social media talent – people we can count on as part of the Thought Marketing virtual team.

Our Ideal Social Media Partners Can:

  • Respect our tech community needs for rich, intelligent content and data – both design and content need to work together to satisfy rational-minded buyers
  • Create – both come up with new visualization ideas for social media posts, and handle day-to-day content for respectful dialogue
  • Stay flexible – handle ambiguous situations by coming forward with bright ideas and solutions, working in parallel with content experts and strategists as part of a virtual team
  • Ego-free – accept feedback and collaboration for the good of the client, above and beyond individual needs or agendas
  • Love of learning – ability to learn about new, sometimes dense and complicated topics, and use world-class content skills to better communicate with our select communities
  • Security-conscious – careful handling of sensitive information and NDA adherence, as well as a high level of ethics to avoid competitive conflicts and protect client assets and resources

Why Work with Thought Marketing?

We appreciate the critical role social media plays in influencing our communities, and your work will integrate into team-driven solutions that win awards for client growth and impact.

We offer our social media partners:

  • Flexibility – work from home or in remote locations at the hours you choose
  • Ample experience – we help brief and enable creative talent
  • Subject matter expertise – we quickly enhance and support social media
  • A fun work environment – we support mutual success and a zest for life!

Thought Marketing is a boutique strategic business consultancy based in the global tech hub of Silicon Valley, California. We work with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry, providing business and marketing counsel to executive leaders in the technology sector. We participate as a trusted, experienced voice to help devise, manage and solve a diverse range of strategic challenges, including crafting optimal messaging and positioning, designing and implementing marketing campaigns, developing creative lead generation market plays, and inspiring and coaching talent. By teaming with in-house and virtual teams unique to each case, we orient resources and investments to create and execute the best possible “business wins” for our clients.

Ready to Start?

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