LIFT Episode 3:

Welcome to the third episode of our LIFT podcast! Allison discusses problem-solving our way through this pressing global situation, as systems fail us and we need to optimistically reinvent at scale. She is joined by Bob Zukis, co-author of The Great Reboot and a former PwC Advisory Partner, who shares pragmatic models for this important work ahead of us.

We’re all born into a world that already has many systems in place but, frankly, they could all use an overhaul. The year 2020 offers that reinvention moment, but how? In this episode, we face head-on the simultaneous global change at scale and speak with co-author of a book that is aptly titled THE GREAT REBOOT: Succeeding in a World of Catastrophic Risk and Opportunity. Bob Zukis is the CEO of Digital Directors Network and a leading advocate for digital diversity in the corporate boardroom, and he shares Allison’s passions for strategic thinking, cybersecurity and managing risk with diverse board advisors. Bob is also an Adjunct Professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, where he teaches strategy, structured problem-solving, as well as corporate governance. We discuss the optimistic focus on a typically negative topic like risk, systems, and digital transformation during COVID, as well as cybersecurity, and practical frameworks to serve as digitally savvy board members. Bob shares his perspective on diversity, shaping the digital agenda in the corporate boardroom, and the role that CIOs and CISOs play in preserving and protecting value. Tune in today!

“The system, the world has become very complex, and we’ve made it complex because it needs to serve a very diverse collection of needs and wants. That complexity isn’t necessarily bad, but we haven’t done a good enough job to understand the complexity within the system that we’ve built.”  — Bob Zukis.

“There’s been so much conversation around the term digital transformation, which is unfortunate, because it is a thing. It is real. It does drive value. It’s just that it’s been over-marketed.”   Allison J. Taylor

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