LIFT Episode 5:

In our fifth episode, we chat with our SaaS automation client Celigo about real-world intent data usage, to learn what kinds of data types you need to persuade prospects, how and when you can bring in sales for account-based marketing (ABM), and all the varied people, process and technology concerns that distinguish intent-data hype from reality. Michelle Bastelier, Vice President of Growth for Celigo, and Allison J. Taylor, Founder & CEO of Thought Marketing, evaluate the intent data approach from a product growth vantage point. Michelle’s background in math and computer science, and Allison’s expertise in software technology go-to-market, make for a balanced and holistic set of considerations for taking on intent data in your organization.

Welcome to the fifth episode of our LIFT podcast! In today’s new market landscape, intent data is becoming increasingly relevant. In this episode, we are joined by the VP of Growth Marketing at Celigo, Michelle Bastelier, to discuss all things intent data. Celigo is a Series C automation platform company, which enables integration of all different SaaS applications into one platform. Through this discussion, you will discover how to shape your organization in order to use intent data, as well as three pertinent use cases to leverage it. We also share some common pitfalls and lessons we’ve learned so you can prepare prior to implementation and ensure no resources go to waste. Finally, we fill you in on how you can get started with using intent data, getting farther, faster. Tune in to hear Allison and Michelle’s insights and learn how to optimize your programs and teams.

“Every company on the planet needs to automate in order to survive in the future of a machine-driven world.”   Allison J. Taylor

“Intent data gives you the data you need to fully optimize your programs in a way that typical tracking software just can’t offer you, not at scale.”   Michelle Bastelier

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