LIFT Episode 2:

Welcome to the second episode of LIFT podcast! On today’s episode, Allison is joined by global researcher Cheri Anderson, Global Director of Research for Strategic Business Insights’ Values and Lifestyles Program service (VALS), an employee-owned Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International spin-off.

Allison and Cheri unravel motives and their impact on everything from building a business to positioning a product. Based on her 25-year experience applying research findings to a variety of sectors from Nigeria to Japan, Cheri reveals the connection between self-image and VALs personality types to explain why some technologies are readily accepted and others miss the mark. Allison and Cheri contrast longstanding academic theories with today’s business realities to consider novel approaches to marketing, sales, and product design. Learn common mistakes to avoid when trying to analyze customer needs, and what it means to be a rebel, trendy or an achiever and how that impacts motivations and buying decisions. Dig deeper into understanding your customer and gain the rewards of meeting their “invisible” needs. For all these incredibly rich insights, join us today!

“People tend to think that trendy and traditional are opposites in terms of the core force. They actually cohere and come together. Both are forces of belonging.”  Cheri Anderson

“All of us are doing PhDs on virtually a daily basis, in terms of keeping up with the technology trends and the business trends simultaneously, and having to go deep into those and come back up.”   Allison J. Taylor

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