LIFT Episode 1:

Welcome to the inaugural LIFT podcast! Today we chat with Matt Abrahams, a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the founder of BoldEcho.

Matt and Allison are both passionate about strategic communications, and today discuss exactly that – what do we mean when we say someone is a “great communicator” and how can leaders use some simple guidelines to increase their emotive communications success? We outline three fundamental steps towards more action-driven interactions, whether between a group or just two individuals and add stories from our collective experiences as coaches to executive teams. Find out what karaoke-time storytelling means, how to handle suddenly short presentations, and whether messages can be iterative, as you listen to veterans in the field share their insights. Please join us on today’s episode!

“To me, it really boils down to the ability to synthesize a lot of information, make it accessible, really emotionally connect to your audience, to motivate them.”   Matt Abrahams

“I think communication is about listening, slowing down and listening, not just literally, but to all the kinds of sub texts that are happening.”   Allison J. Taylor

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